Monday, June 24, 2013


I lie here crying
My heart is shattered
I am in so much pain
The pain won't go away
Its getting stronger and stronger
Why did you hurt me?
Why did you molest me?
Why didn't you listen to my pleas to stop?
I cried
I begged
I kicked
And screamed
I lie here crying
The pain is so real
As if its still happening
The pain is in my heart
But it was in my body too
The pushing
The burning
The roughness
Its still there
15 years later
I am crying
I'm in pain
I'm drowning
I need to be rescued
But not by you
Go away
Don't touch me
Ever again
Don't you dare come near me
Or mine
Leave me alone
Stay out of my life
The pain is so sharp
So real
I'm crying
And I cannot stop
My home
My safe haven
Is no longer safe
My bed
Is no longer a place to rest
My body
Is no longer my own
My heart and soul
Are no longer whole
I'm dead
All I can feel is pain
All I know is hurt
I'm crying
I cannot stop
And will never stop

1 comment:

  1. Sending waves of love and healing. You beat those monsters!!!