Monday, June 24, 2013

Child's Play

Most children played
I destroyed

They played house
And pretended to be mommies
I took the dolls
And ripped them apart
They played school
And pretended to be teachers
I went to school
And got into trouble everyday
They played doctor
And pretended to check one another
He played doctor
And touched and hurt my body
They had fun
They laughed and played
Skipped and hopped
Giggling about life
I had nightmares
I cried and lived in fear
Running away, trying to hide
Crying and wishing to die
While they played
I was played with
While they had fun and games
I was tortured and abused
Childhood is meant to be fun
And happy
Not scary and sad
I lost my childhood
It was stolen from me
In broad daylight
No one stopped the thief
They just watched from the sidelines
And now it's too late
For a childhood stolen
Can never be returned


  1. So heartbreaking. I am SO sorry you had to survive this kind of torture. Poor baby you must learn to become a loving parent to yourself and revel even in the smallest of pleasures each day as you take baby steps towards a healthy life and a bright future please G-d. Treat yourself only with love, mercy and kindness. I bless you with good health, happiness, personal and public success, really good friends, and the elevated wholeness that can only come of a broken heart.

  2. Thank you! What kind words from the heart! Amen and I hope the same for all survivors!