Sunday, September 21, 2014

Blessings for the New Year

I've been blessed with so much
More than so many
Really I should be ever so grateful

For every breath I take
And all the walks and runs
At least I am healthy and alive

For all the trips to beaches
Hikes in the woods
and summer days at the fair

For all the songs sung
And the beats I dance to
And the music I can hear

And grateful I am
But, oh, how I wish
For more, for better

There must be a higher purpose
To this face they call beautiful
That cannot smile or laugh

Will these deep brown eyes
Ever cease to cry
And twinkle with life?

So I pray and hope

For strength and joy,
Peace and serenity,
Healing and love

For me and all of you
May we be blessed with
A sweet and happy New Year

Sunday, September 7, 2014

These Demons

My nights have been filled with tears
Tears mourning over death
Tears wishing for death
Oh, the tears keep flowing

By day, I am consumed by the pain
Hoping for a respite
Yet, knowing it won't come
Dreading the next attack

The panic comes in waves
At times I am possessed
By a cool calm that is not me
But then my demons return

And they return with a vengeance
Not allowing for a moment of peace
They hold me tight
Until I can't breath anymore

My days turn into painful nights
and my nights to teary days
I'm living a nightmare
Unsure of day and night

These demons have captured me.