Friday, May 31, 2013


I'm laying on the ground

Staring up into space

Focusing on that little crack in the paint

I know he's still there

I feel the pain, feel the pressure

But in my head, I am somewhere else

In a faraway land

Where I don't live in fear

Where I can sleep in peace

And play silly games

Like all the other little girls

He is not allowed in this land

For only good people can enter

There are no scary monsters

No big boys who tell me its ok

When they touch my little body

Or else it won't be good

They'll hurt me if I tell

Kill me if I tell

And no one will believe me

But in this faraway land in my head

The sun is always shining

The sky never turns to night

The games and fun never get boring

There are rainbows and unicorns

And everything sparkles and shines

Tears are forbidden, but who needs to cry anyways

Everywhere you go,  you hear laughter

The joyful sounds of innocence and youth

Children playing without a care in the world

But alas, my dream remains a dream

Elusive; surely lost

Children continue to cry

The pain doesn't stop

Oh please, let's make my dream a reality

For we should not have to dream

About a life we all deserve

Friday, May 24, 2013

My One True Friend

When I think about my journey

From a quiet secret keeper

To a roaring advocate

I think of all the roads I traveled

The people I met

The ones who guided me

And the ones who led me off course

I always think of you first

You showed me where the trail begins

Where it ends

And all the hidden courses along the way

You cheered me on

You comforted me

You defended me

You advised me

Without you, I'd still be quiet

Without you, I'd still be numb

You gave me hope

You were my hope

Without any expectations

Without any promise of payment

You respected my space

And my needs

You are the one true friend

In a world full of lies

Thank you for saving me

Thank you for being you

Thank God for you

Friday, May 17, 2013


When you meet that pretty girl

The one who seems timid and meek

So shy she won't even look you in the eye

You think what's the matter with her

Why can't she be sociable and normal

But be kind, be nice, be gentle

For in a few months time

You shall meet again

But now she's a beautiful woman

So strong and proud

She holds her head up high

Smiles wide and says hello

And you can hardly believe it is her

Oh how she transformed!

Because you were kind and nice and gentle

And that's how all the caterpillars turn to butterflies

That sullen girl who now laughs and smiles

That angry guy who is now a fine gentleman

And all the hurt people who suddenly learn to live again

Always be kind and nice and gentle

For they are far greater than you

Friday, May 10, 2013

Dear Mom (Part I)


I wanted to thank you for all you have done for me,

But I couldn't.

I wanted to remember the lessons you taught us,

But I couldn't.

I wanted to appreciate the time and money spent,

But I couldn't.

I wanted to reminisce over the fun times,

But I couldn't.

I wanted to tell you that you're the world's greatest mom,

But I couldn't.

I wanted to hug you and say I love you,

But I couldn't.

All I could do was

Remember and cry,


Mourning the loss

of a childhood and innocence

Corrupted and stolen,

Stunted in its prime.

All I could think about was

Your apathy,

Your negligence,

Your determination to ignore

and undermine my pain.

You insist on his innocence,

Portraying his virtues,

Making him out to be a saint.

When in reality he is not.

He hurt me,

Abused me,

Destroyed my very being.

But he is your hero,

Your rock,

You say he's perfect;

Perfectly abusive is what I say.


I wish I could thank you

and remember the good you have done.

But all that is overshadowed

by your failure to protect me

The sweetness in our life

is meaningless.

The memories have disappeared.

And all I can remember now

is the violent abuse.

You cared more about your public image

Than the helpless child who was your very image.

And that is unforgivable.


Your seven year old daughter

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


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Friday, May 3, 2013

What Makes Me a Survivor?

I was hurt

And vulnerable

Hurt and unprotected

And mocked

Put down And trampled upon

Pushed through the dirt

And covered in mud

Buried headfirst in deep dreck

But I pushed and pulled

Wrestled and struggled

Till I could get my feet straight on the ground

And slowly

Slowly but surely

I fought the fight

I screamed

I shouted

I cried

And let it all out

I uncovered my wounds

Showed the world

My journey to hell

I warned them

And begged them

Let me be the last to suffer

They didn't listen

They don't want to hear

They say ignorance is bliss

So I will keep screaming

Till they hear my voice

Till they recognize our pain

And say no more

I will fight

To save myself

And to save all the children

Because everyone deserves a life

Everyone but those who took ours

Everyone has a voice to be heard

Everyone but those who silenced ours

We will start taking them down

By rising above

And protecting

I am a warrior, a survivor

And will no longer be victimized.