Friday, May 31, 2013


I'm laying on the ground

Staring up into space

Focusing on that little crack in the paint

I know he's still there

I feel the pain, feel the pressure

But in my head, I am somewhere else

In a faraway land

Where I don't live in fear

Where I can sleep in peace

And play silly games

Like all the other little girls

He is not allowed in this land

For only good people can enter

There are no scary monsters

No big boys who tell me its ok

When they touch my little body

Or else it won't be good

They'll hurt me if I tell

Kill me if I tell

And no one will believe me

But in this faraway land in my head

The sun is always shining

The sky never turns to night

The games and fun never get boring

There are rainbows and unicorns

And everything sparkles and shines

Tears are forbidden, but who needs to cry anyways

Everywhere you go,  you hear laughter

The joyful sounds of innocence and youth

Children playing without a care in the world

But alas, my dream remains a dream

Elusive; surely lost

Children continue to cry

The pain doesn't stop

Oh please, let's make my dream a reality

For we should not have to dream

About a life we all deserve

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