Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Day I Made My Decision

The day I made my decision
I called JCW
On that very day
I searched my heart
And considered all the factors
Well, all but one.

Just one factor
The one we read about in the media
Never crossed my mind for a second
It had no influence over my decision

The media always paints the victim with a broad brush
As a money hungry, attention-starved nobody
Looking to ruin the life of a celebrity
As if sexual abuse could never be true

But the day I made my decision
When I called JCW
And said I’m ready, let’s do this
I want to confront my abuser
And expressed what I needed to make my life right again
I never spoke of money

I asked to protect society
And promised to preserve his family

I told him to go therapy
To heal himself, like he so badly needed
But I never asked for money

Because all a survivor really needs is closure. 

*JCW-Jewish Community Watch