Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Love that I Dream of

I dream of a love so deep
We will always hold hands
To keep our heads afloat
Just so we don't drown 

I dream of a love so kind
Our dreams will become in sync
Our work will support the other
And the other will support our work

I dream of a love so real
When we correct the others errors
There will sincere gratitude
Instead of taking offense

I dream of a love so beautiful 
At times I wonder
Is it just a dream
Can a love like this take root and live?

I dream of this love
And I won't settle for less
Because this love is in my heart
And its the only love I know how to give

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Always a Fighter

Everyone says I'm a fighter
But no one knows my battle

Everyone knows I fight
But no one knows against whom

The time has come to tell the truth
I have been fighting half a battle

And until I stand up and commit
I will lose this fight against all of them

But its not my battle, not my choice
I must stand up and speak out

Tell the world what happens at home
When the abuse is in your own bed

For all the girls who suffered this way
For all the boys who weren't believed

For all the siblings who were pushed aside
For all the children who didn't dare speak up

I will always be a fighter
Because you deserve a voice

Sunday, June 14, 2015

These Battle Wounds of Mine

If I could ask one thing
Just one simple request
That would help me heal
Don't deny my truth

When I tell you my story
Listen and listen with a whole heart
Leave your judgments behind
Because I'm showing you my battle wounds

Some of these wounds have healed
Into jagged scars, etched into my soul
Yet, some of these wounds are still open and fresh
They burn and they bleed and get infected

So when I show you these wounds
In the way of my truths
The deepest story I have to share
Please listen and don't deny what is so obviously real

Monday, June 8, 2015

Dream a Little Dream

I have a dream
A vision
Of what kind of life I want
The life I deserve

A life of peace
Filled with joy 
Healthy days
When pain no longer haunts me

But all that is just a far off dream
A dream I cannot achieve by wishing alone
It is nothing without a plan
The life I deserve will never come unless I bring it in

So I set forth on this journey
Of bringing my life alive
By keeping myself alive
And advocating for the peace and joy I deserve