Monday, August 24, 2015


Just a small little girl
Standing silently
If I scream, will they hear?

Just a small little girl
Deeply hurt
In a rage
I'm screaming, but they don't listen.

So this small little girl
Got the message
And gave up
You are invisible, they can't hear your cries.

And this small little girl
Grew older
Carrying the pain
But never sharing the burden, because she felt invisible.

She was a big little girl
Attempting to heal
From so much pain
That's when he told her these magical words

"Just because they were blind, doesn't mean you were invisible."

She was a lady
From the abuse
And the ones who let it happen while she cried out.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Damsel in Distress

Look at me
See my strengths
Want my beauty

See me
As a survivor
A waging warrior

Want me
For who I am
And all that I can be

Don't look at me
And see me
As a damsel in distress

Don't look at me
And want me
Like a problem to be solved

When I look at my life
I see pain and hurt
As building blocks to my blessings

When I see me
I see my past overcome
And a future to be built

I want you
To throw away what you see
And see what I see

Could you please?

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Family, Where Are You?

Where are you?
I've been calling.
Can you hear my cries?

I need some shelter.
Give me love.
The hate is raining down hard.
Is this what you call a tribe?

You left me alone.
My heart is broken and bleeding.
Yet your hearts, the bloodline's 
Remain frozen and cold

We've always been a tight-knit brood
Now you locked me out
Threw away the key for good
And gave refuge to the abuser.

Parents and children
Shining light and life unto another.
It seems the wind blew the candle out
And theres no life to relight it

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Puzzle Pieces

When I was born
I was given one piece
The puzzle piece of life
But one piece does not do much good

I held onto it and saved it
As time went on, more pieces were added
I received passion and energy
Eventually the piece for words too

I found the pieces for relationships
Hidden away, getting kind of dusty
And I started to put it together
But alas, I did not have a complete picture

It felt like I was losing pieces
My puzzle would never be complete
But then something happened
It changed how I was figuring it out

I stopped living to complete the puzzle
I no longer attempted to find the missing pieces
Instead I just lived.
I took the pieces I had and used them daily

And somehow the missing pieces came around
They seemed to appear out of thin air
Snapping into place
The picture started to appear

I saw that was I was doing, the way I was living
Using the pieces from my early years
To create my picture now
Helped me find my way and my mission

I fell into this role
I was just trying to clean up
And put together a thousand piece puzzle
But instead I created my life

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Filled with resentment
Burning with anger
I keep a tight grasp on my feelings
With no room for peace to enter

But it’s hurting, all too painful
Deeper than I remember the abuse to be
Eating up at my life
Inhibiting all chances of bliss  

I expected more, deserved better
Where was the love I sought?
All I got was the abuse
And now I’m living in the aftermath

I want to soak up the joy
But I keep drinking the poison
I need to let go and breathe
Release us both from my heart’s prison

I see you now with compassion
You could not do better
But alas, I can and I will
I shall live with mercy in my heart

I have forgiven the universe
And the universe has given me serenity