Monday, October 19, 2015

Sweet Poison

Years and years of silence
Waiting to talk
To tell my story
To share what I know

But you told me to shut up
And so I did
Kept quiet
But now I'm done

I'm done listening
To your abuse
To your lies
No longer taking orders

Now I can't stop talking
Everywhere I go
It's all I do
It's all that comes out

I'm overwhelmed with an urge
To protect the young
A burning desire
To educate all

You complain that I'm poison
To your mind
With my ideas
And now you think about abuse

Inside I chuckle and laugh
It's about time
Oh and don't worry, Dad
It's what I like to call sweet poison.

If I Told You the Truth

If I told you the truth
Would you believe me?

If you heard my whole story
Could you ever face me?

When you hear I am a survivor
Do you cringe?

Do you want to know it all?
Will you tell me you believe me?

If you heard me say his name
Would you say it's not possible?

If I choose to trust you
Will I soon regret it?

When I speak about all that he has done
Will you tell me to stop telling lies?

Do you want to know the truth?
Or do you prefer a blissful ignorance?

Too Broken to Love

You said you loved me
But I didn't believe you
It seemed impossible.
After all that, who would?

I tried to love you
Maybe I did
We did everything right
But then I could never hold on.

Am I too hurt to love again?
Too broken to be loved?
Is loved reserved for the whole-
perfect souls that never really lived?

How can I love you
If I despise myself?
How can embrace your love
If I can't accept myself?

Can you love me when I push?
Will you wait for my tears to dry?
I still love you as I run from you.
I'm a broken girl waiting to be believed.