Friday, May 3, 2013

What Makes Me a Survivor?

I was hurt

And vulnerable

Hurt and unprotected

And mocked

Put down And trampled upon

Pushed through the dirt

And covered in mud

Buried headfirst in deep dreck

But I pushed and pulled

Wrestled and struggled

Till I could get my feet straight on the ground

And slowly

Slowly but surely

I fought the fight

I screamed

I shouted

I cried

And let it all out

I uncovered my wounds

Showed the world

My journey to hell

I warned them

And begged them

Let me be the last to suffer

They didn't listen

They don't want to hear

They say ignorance is bliss

So I will keep screaming

Till they hear my voice

Till they recognize our pain

And say no more

I will fight

To save myself

And to save all the children

Because everyone deserves a life

Everyone but those who took ours

Everyone has a voice to be heard

Everyone but those who silenced ours

We will start taking them down

By rising above

And protecting

I am a warrior, a survivor

And will no longer be victimized.

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