Sunday, September 21, 2014

Blessings for the New Year

I've been blessed with so much
More than so many
Really I should be ever so grateful

For every breath I take
And all the walks and runs
At least I am healthy and alive

For all the trips to beaches
Hikes in the woods
and summer days at the fair

For all the songs sung
And the beats I dance to
And the music I can hear

And grateful I am
But, oh, how I wish
For more, for better

There must be a higher purpose
To this face they call beautiful
That cannot smile or laugh

Will these deep brown eyes
Ever cease to cry
And twinkle with life?

So I pray and hope

For strength and joy,
Peace and serenity,
Healing and love

For me and all of you
May we be blessed with
A sweet and happy New Year

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