Tuesday, June 11, 2013


There's voices in my head

Voices in my heart

Speaking back and forth

Telling me to stop

Don't even attempt to try

Success is not for you

You're a mess

A loser

A failure

You'll never make it work

You never could make it work

They speak to me constantly

At all hours of the day

They make themselves available

Morning and night

But stop and listen quietly

You'll hear the voices

They're the voices of my abusers

Trying to shut me down

Not giving me a chance

To spread my wings and fly

To be free of their control

To feel the freedom

And get stronger and louder

I need to learn

To be aware

That the sound of the voices

The origin of the voices

Is unhealthy

Its paralyzing

Not just stunting my growth

But shrinking me

Making me less of a person

But I can quiet these voices

I'm a survivor

I hear louder, stronger voices

Encouraging me

Pushing me

Elevating me

To reach new levels

Achieve greater goals

And strengthen my very being

After all, I'm a survivor

A fighter

A warrior

You can never bring me down

For I am incredible

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