Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Moving Forward

I look in the mirror

Who am I

Am I a scared little girl
Am I a victim of abuse
Devastated and troubled

I used to think I was
I used to think that was my identity
That was the reflection I would see

But then I met you
And you changed me
You helped me see who I really am
Who I could be

A strong woman
A survivor
Proud and secure

So you taught me
And showed me
Through laughter and tears
Not to let my past define me

But to define it on my own terms
To hold the cards
And play the game
And be the boss in life

But then you left me
I cried and despaired

Who would show me now
Who would lead me
Take my hand as we carve a path
For ourselves in this crazy world

It was a tragic goodbye
No questions allowed
No time for answers

I prayed
And I hoped
Maybe one day you'll return

For that is my only comfort
That one day you will take heed of your own advice
Listen to your heart
Trust your instincts

Live life to the fullest
And acknowledge your feelings
Don't let your past define you
We all have a history

So lets forget what happened
Take my hand and we will walk together
Only moving forward

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