Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Letting Go

Abuse; it's the shattering of ones heart and soul 
by a monster disguised as a human being

The pain of feeling the jagged edges poke into you 
as the pieces fall to the ground 
and the burning in your soul that follows.

But then you start healing.
looking at all the broken pieces laying around, 
you cry over what was and what could have been
yet commit to creating a masterpiece with those broken pieces.

And only then can you begin to love
love hands you the pieces and passes the glue 
so you can continue building and creating

Love shares in the joy of your accomplishments 
and holds you when the nightmares return.

Love whispers encouragement when your laying on the ground
and holds out its hand when you are ready to get back up

But love can only come when you learn to let go. 

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