Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Deepest Desire

I am a person
a human being 

I am a soul
with feelings and emotions

I am a woman
who wishes and desires

I don't ask much
not for your love
not for your affection

I don't desire
your approval
nor your flattery

All I want
All we want
All anyone wants
is respect

It is not just a mere desire
It is my deepest desire

But it is more than that
It is a necessity

Like the air we breathe
The food we eat
And the water we drink

Every one of us needs respect

We are people, human beings 
And women with souls. 


  1. Well you certainly have my respect, for many reasons. I can't recount them all, so here's a shortened list. First of all, you deserve respect for being a precious human being with precious feelings (as you recognized). Second of all, your writing is beautiful and touches the reader, and this is due, I think, to you as a person, more than being a talented writer. So for that you have my deep and thankful respect. Of course, you are a brave person which calls for respect. You have added to my life and opened up something in my heart, and for that you have my utmost respect.

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