Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A New Year

A New Year
New beginnings
A chance to start fresh
The opportunity to wipe it clean
And begin anew

For over a decade I would try
Every single year
To make strong resolutions
I attempted to be a good person
And wash my soul clean of sin

But every year I failed
Constantly covering up the blemishes
Yet, they always resurfaced
Never fully healed
Blemishes that uglied my reflection

It tortured my already distraught soul
I thought I was too bad to be good
There was no hope
No chance of a future
Not for the likes of me

But then I matured
I was surrounded by strength
Affirmations from friends lifted me up
And I slowly realized a deep truth
It was never my fault

I am not to blame
I did not perpetuate evil
I did not seduce my molester
He committed evil
I was merely a victim

But now I am a survivor
A survivor starting a new year
A new life


  1. I feel a depth in your writing much like someone I've met before too similar to be a coinsidence. I can see your anonymous but wanted to ask you and I would like an anonymous reply have you ever written a book?

    1. Carlos, I have not written a book. Yet. It is a long term goal of mine and this blog is a stepping stone towards that goal.