Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dear Mom (Part II)


They tell me about a feeling
Its something every mother feels
Its a love that knows no bounds 

Do you feel that way towards me
That even when I err
I am still your daughter
That you are the only mother I will have

I need you
To guide me
To love me
To hug me
And accept me

I've made mistakes
But haven't we all


You tell me you hate me
You tell me I'm bad
Never good enough

You ignored the abuse
And blamed the symptoms on me
Your young child
An innocent little girl

Now you attempt to ease your guilt
By transforming me to a bad girl
In your mind

Where I am provocative
And unfaithful

Where the labels you stick on me
Are true and fit with who I am

You call me fat
Lazy and worthless
A whore, a prostitute

You wish the worst on me
On your very own flesh and blood
You campaign against me
Never at my defense

Why, mother
Why must you ignore my tears
And suffering

You turn a blind eye to my pain
Can't you see I am just a helpless girl
Trying to stay afloat

Yet you push me down
Hoping I'll drown
So you can be right
And your pride will remain intact

I hope you are happy now
I have left
Left you and your games
You and your negativity

I am free
More free than I ever imagined possible
There will be no more of your abuse tying me down

Now I am free
To soar high
And heal.

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