Monday, May 18, 2015

Does Anyone Care?

I used to wonder
Do I matter?
Does anyone care?
What is my worth?

My family-
They have made it clear
My abusers comfort is worth more than my life

All the therapists
I saw as a child
Ignored the obvious signs of abuse and couldn't be bothered with saving me

My teachers
The school I went to
Saw me as a nuisance more than they saw my value

So many friends
Just walked away
They didn't care that I was in pain, they needed to look good for shidduchim

And now again, I wonder
Do I matter?
Does anyone care?
What is my worth?

1 comment:

  1. Sometimes I feel alone
    No-one on my side
    These hearts of stone
    Behind pretense hide
    Smiling in the public face
    Say they truly care
    Without a trace
    No remorse in the tear

    Sometimes I wonder
    How is the world so blind
    Never look what's under
    Afraid of what they'll find
    The lie keeps growing tall
    Blame the wounded heart
    Whose blood stains the wall
    And all took part

    Sometimes I still cry
    For those who are trapped
    Weaving the lie
    In which they are wrapped
    They will never see
    When I got up on my own
    The truth stood up with me
    Making my story known