Sunday, August 10, 2014

Escaping Peninim

This is the story of a gorgeous Bais Yaakov girl who got accepted to Peninim seminary.

Oh, but then she got accepted to a seminary with a far better reputation. So she notified Rabbi Meisels of Peninim that she will not be attending. And he blew up! He called her school, her parents, her aunts, uncles, neighbors, and family Rabbonim attempting to convince them that Peninim was the best seminary for her in the hopes that they would reach out to her. When that did not work, he threatened her and her family that she would never get married. He threatened her younger sister's chances of getting into seminary and at shidduchim.

Obviously, this just turned off the family and the girl even more. The girl went to the other seminary and pushed this unpleasant incident out of her mind.

Fast forward to this summer when the news broke about Meisels sexually abusing students in Peninim and his other 3 seminaries and this girl's family heard the news... they remembered how Meisels insisted she come to Peninim and would not let her go. At the time, it seemed very strange. No one could explain it. Now, it made sense. All the pieces fit together. He accepted her to his seminary because he thought she was "good prey" and when she didn't come, he could not handle losing a girl he almost had his hands on. 

This is the sick mind of Meisels, the man running the seminaries that so many of our girls have been going to for years. The man trusted with the lives of girls at 4 seminaries for a full year, living overseas from their parents. A very sick twisted mind indeed. 

If you or anyone you know had a similar experience or was abused by Meisels, I am willing to share your story on my blog anonymously. Please email me at 

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